One-component mineral waterproofing slurry. For the preparation of a waterproof coating on concrete and other cementitious substrates.

  • Eco-Binder technology
  • environmentally friendly
  • mineral
  • VOC – and APEO-free
  • low in chromate according to TRGS 613
  • high resistance to salt water and chemicals
  • resistant to sulfate according to DIN 4030, exposure class XA2
  • waterproof up to 1.5 bar
  • in case of negative water load, waterproof up to 0.3 bar depending on the substrate
  • durable at the early stage
  • also processible by machine
  • ideal for waterproofing of drinking water reservoirs
  • for waterproofing of building constructions in interior and exterior areas, as well as in permanently wet and underwater areas against:
  • soil moisture
  • non-pressing ground and seeping water
  • pressing water
  • general building code test certificate
  • investigation and assessment according to modified KTW/KTS criteria
  • hygienic requirements for cement-bound materials for drinking water supply
  • enhancement of microbial growth on materials to come into contact with drinking water



25 kg paper bag
Units per pallet 42 x 25 kg bag
Units per pallet 1050 kg net