Flexible crack-bridging 2K – waterproofing for indoor and outdoor use against pressing and non-pressing water.

  • Eco-Binder technology
  • environmentally friendly
  • VOC – and APEO-free
  • high resistance against salt water and chloride
  • tested according to DIN EN 14891
  • waterproof up to 3 bar
  • flexible and crack-bridging to at least 1.3 mm
  • durable at an early stage
  • easy application
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • waterproofing of building elements, tanks, basins and cellars
  • tanks with 30 m water level
  • waterproofing for swimming pools and roofs
  • waterproofing in combination with ceramic covers according to EN 12004 (balconies, terraces, showers, bathrooms with floor drains and swimming pools)
  • as carbonation inhibiting agent on concrete surfaces in splash water areas
  • waterproofing against rising damp for cellar masonry work.
  • ZDB-moisture classes 0, A01, A02 and B0
  • general building code test certificate
  • ground water hygienic examination
  • determination of water vapour transmission (in compliance with DIN EN ISO 12572)
  • water impermeability test under normal conditions



10 kg bucket, Combo-Unit with 5 kg powder component A und 5 kg liquid component B
Units per pallet 24 x 10 kg Combo-bucket
Units per pallet 240 kg net