Maleki-LL 100

Silicate impregnation

Innovative silicate impregnation and subsoil consolidation protect against penetrating moisture in masonry and concrete.

  • Silicate-Technology
  • environmentally friendly
  • VOC – and APEO-free
  • water vapour permeable
  • for waterproofing against saltwater, acid, sewage water and other chemicals
  • solidifies the substrate and increases the chemical resistance due to durable silicate structures
  • reduces surface abrasion
  • protection against penetrating water in case of cracking
  • odourless
  • prevents algae growth on mineral substrates
  • protection against efflorescence
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • for impregnation of porous, absorbent and sandy surfaces like concrete, screed, masonry and other cementitious substrates
  • for preparation of hydrophobic surfaces
  • permanent protection against ground water, salt water and strong chemical stress
  • as a sealant against penetrating moisture on walls
  • suitable in areas with high mechanical and chemical stress
  • as a surface hardener for Maleki-VS 920, improves scratch resistance and reduces contamination with dirt
  • investigation and assessment according to modified KTW/KTS criteria
  • microbiological analysis
  • water absorption tests of surface treated concrete slabs
  • investigation of the chemical resistance of treated and untreated concrete samples
  • test of s surface protection system of class OS 1 (OS A) for concrete
  • determination of water vapor diffusion resistance value




5 kg Canister 30 kg Canister 1000 kg IBC

Units per pallet

60 x 5 kg Canister 18 x 30 kg Canister 1 IBC

Units per pallet

300 kg net 540 kg net 1000 kg net