Maleki-SM 735

Smoothing wall mortar

Innovative and environmentally friendly smoothing wall mortar. Hardens fast with no shrinkage with a layer thickness of 1-30 mm.

  • ECO-Binder technology
  • environmentally friendly
  • VOC- and APEO-free
  • fast curing and no shrinkage
  • resistant against salt water and chemicals
  • polymer-modified
  • grindable
  • easy application
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • for smoothing work on wall and ceiling surfaces, facades and on mineral floors under top coverings
  • recordable with ceramic coverings after 3 hour
  • applicable in layer thicknesses of 1-30 mm



25 kg paper bag
Units per pallet 42 x 25 kg bag
Units per pallet 1050 kg net