Maleki-TG 110


Solvent-free deep penetrating primer to reduce the absorbency of mineral substrates.

    • environmentally friendly
    • VOC – and APEO-free
    • water vapour permeable
    • increases the strength of porous substrates
    • reduces the capillary absorbency of the substrate
    • improves the adhesion on the substrate
    • dust-binding
    • prevents bubble formation in subsequent coatings
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • for the subsequent processing of industrial floor coatings (Maleki-IFS product line), self-levelling compounds (Maleki-BV 310), mineral adhesives and fillers
  • as an impervious layer for subsequent thin film coverings on absorbent and mineral substrates
  • temporary brake drying on fresh concrete
  • temporary impregnation
  • as a wallpaper underground



5 kg Canister 30 kg Canister 1000 kg IBC
Units per pallet 60 x 5 kg Canister 18 x 30 kg Canister 1 IBC
Units per pallet 300 kg net 540 kg net 1000 kg net