Maleki-VM 520 S

Pouring mortar high strength

Shrinkage-free mortar for special applications. Hardens fast and with extremely high strength.

  • Eco-Binder technology
  • environmentally friendly
  • mineral
  • VOC – and APEO-free
  • low in chromate according to TRGS 613
  • UPHC-properties
  • fast curing and tension-relieved
  • highly resistant to mechanical stress
  • early loadable
  • good flowability
  • an extremely high final strength
  • easy application
  • also processible by machine
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • repairs on mineral surfaces in dry, damp and permanently wet conditions
  • for underfilling and encapsulation of bolts, a foundation for machinery, crane rails, pillars and other steel constructions
  • filling of construction joints between precast or precast slabs, basements ceiling tiles and soles
  • repairs on defects in concrete, screed, masonry, natural and artificial stones
  • installation and repair of manhole rings and manhole can be easily covered by pouring
  • quick creation of small point foundations



25 kg paper bag
Units per pallet 42 x 25 kg bag
Units per pallet 1050 kg net