Maleki-VS 901

Sealer for bricks and natural stones

Innovative impregnation concentrates to protect mineral surfaces.

  • water-based and environmentally friendly
  • VOC – and APEO-free
  • water vapour permeable
  • reduces the capillary absorbency of the substrate
  • fast formation of hydrophobicity
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • frontages of clinker brick
  • old and new concrete floors
  • Areas with high mechanical and chemical load and areas which are exposed to salt water
  • because of its watery consistency, Maleki-VS 901 is also suited for factory-made hydrophobization of building materials based on clay, porous concrete, brick, fibre cement, mineral fibres and lightweight fillers



5 kg Canister 30 kg Canister 1000 kg IBC
Units per pallet 60 x 5 kg Canister 18 x 30 kg Canister 1 IBC
Units per pallet 300 kg net 540 kg net 1000 kg net