Maleki-VS 950

Industrial flooring sealant

Versatile concrete and surface sealant. Protects against oil and water penetration.

  • environmentally friendly
  • VOC – and APEO-free
  • water vapour permeable
  • prevents from penetrating liquids and dirt
  • repelling effect against oil
  • closes pores of the substrate
  • increases the strength of porous substrates
  • reduces abrasion
  • mat surface
  • for indoor use
  • sealing of absorbent and sandy substrates in production areas and warehouses
  • sealing and protection of previously created floor areas with products of the Maleki-IFS or BV lines
  • protection against salt water and aggressive chemicals



5 kg Canister 30 kg Canister 1000 kg IBC
Units per pallet 60 x 5 kg Canister 18 x 30 kg Canister 1 IBC
Units per pallet 300 kg net 540 kg net 1000 kg net